• Analysis of needs and intentions
  • Advice on acquiring land and buildings; due diligence
  • Inventory of site and constraints (technical, administrative, financial)
  • Comparative analysis of prospective sites and their context
  • Searches, property law and easements
  • Liaison with authorities
  • Financial analysis and costing
  • Administrative procedures such as investigation, building permits
  • Preliminary plans and projects
  • Detailed designs and construction plans
  • Construction management
  • Creation of neighbourhood plans and partial extensions
  • Inventories (land, buildings, apartments)
  • Specialist reports
  • Expert opinions
  • Partnerships with other architectural practices
  • Joint entry
  • Compliance with SIA standards

Architecture is a special form of expression. It finds the seeds of renewal in the past and builds on the boldness of the present. It sets the stage for those special moments in life. It shapes houses and temples, streets and landscapes.

Through their work, the architect strives to meet the aspirations of those who live in the buildings they design.

They are trusted by the client, and fully aware of their environmental and social responsibilities.

They are the project designer, they develop the plans and direct the construction.

The architect looks at the big picture. They coordinate every operation and are in overall charge of the project.