Residential buildings

Contemporary villa – Switzerland

Project start: to be confirmed
Project finish: to be confirmed

Design for construction of a contemporary villa with swimming pool

Energy standard: Minergie-ECO label

Villa – Noville

Project start: April 2015

Project completion: May 2016

Demolition and reconstruction of the villa

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

Villa – Grandvaux

Project start: July 2013

Project completion: July 2014

Interior and exterior conversion

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

Villa – Brent

Project start: November 2012

Project completion: October 2013

Conversion of the villa and creation of a parking space

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

Housing cooperative – Territet

Project start: February 2012

Project completion: June 2013

Conversion, installation of solar panels and perimeter insulation

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

Terraced villas – Baugy

Project start: February 2010

Project completion: April 2012

Construction of three residential buildings with an underground garage and driveway

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

‘Belmont-Lac’ apartment building – Montreux

Project start: February 2007

Project completion: June 2008

Construction of a nine-storey residential building and underground garage

Two levels

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

Mansion – Blonay

Project start: January 2007

Project completion: July 2007

Renovation and conversion of main building

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

‘Pont de la Baye’ apartment building – Clarens

Project start: September 2004

Project completion: November 2006

Construction of a residential building and an underground garage

Energy standard: SIA 380/1

‘Le Nid d’Aigle’ apartment building – Montreux

Project start: November 2004

Project completion: June 2006

Construction of residential building and covered parking

Energy standard: SIA 380/1